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The International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) is an umbrella body for evaluation networks, societies and associations. It is committed to building evaluation capacity, facilitating the development of new evaluation societies and networks, and raising awareness about evaluation organisations and those who sponsor, train and use evaluation expertise. The IOCE is now registered in Canada as an international not-for-profit organisation with an international Board of Trustees drawn from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australasia, North America and Europe – including the transition countries of Eastern Europe and CIS.

Members: Organisations which have responded to the IOCE-EvalPartners survey questionnaire, including contact information and a description of their status are added to the IOCE database (see As part of their application for membership of the network, all members will send the Secretariat of IOCE the name and contact information for up to three representatives who will be invited to join the listserv.

Contributing Members: Organizations that have contributed financially to support the mission of IOCE. They are invited to name three representatives who will be invited to join the IOCE-EvaLeaders listserv, participate in Annual General Meetings, and serve as the IOCE Global Advisory Committee. Gold stars are added to their potion on the map on the IOCE website, and they are given priority to participate in EvalPartners programs such as Peer-to-Peer partnerships.

Institutional Partners: Organizations that are not voluntary associations of individual members, but that support the mission of IOCE.
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